I slice wrists you call me weak behind my back but in front of me comes that fake sympathy If I die today you'd feel bad for me but all my life you ignored me and now you gonna say rest in peace You say it was my anxiety depression got those thoughts in me... Continue Reading →


Those Oblivious Kids

Rap II This is the story of the ones who never got noticed and sat at one corner staring at their shoes doing nothing, they know if they try talking to you you'll ignore them like there is nobody else in the room. Hating on themselves they go to bed every night they want darkness... Continue Reading →


Lay your head on my chest and listen to my heart beating.  Don't expect to hear a sound so relatable. Hear those dispassionate long breaths that make their way out, through that congested self loathe inside.  Catch those sighs, narrating you stories about the obsolete hope of the past. Feel the trail of those contractions that,... Continue Reading →


Your body's the religion I'd want to practise. I'll caress and worship it like it deserves to be. I'll plant kisses like an offering all over your divine frame. My fingers would recite prayers on your skin printing down the wishes I want you to fulfill. I'll conquer the demonic walls that keep our souls... Continue Reading →

Ode To Darkness

"If darkness didn't exist, light would have no meaning." In the make believe, star studded world where everyone tries to find their way away from the dark, I've lost the sense of belongingness. My place in this populace is where the gloom resides. Every night, darkness and I cross paths and become something more than... Continue Reading →


Her lips tasted like the cigarettes we dragged on together that night. The burn furnished our lungs with vandalizing vapors and, our hearts with love and reminiscences for the future. We sighed it out of our system- out with all our sorrows and regrets. The smoke, concealing itself in the daze of the night had... Continue Reading →

The Path

He walked the path where even the existence of one's shadow was a forbidden sin. Like a cursed spell, echoes that ceased his search for light, followed him. He walked with broken hearts beneath his feet. He came across a place where pain shone brighter than the lights on the street. The lanes he took,... Continue Reading →


You told me to change shape I did, for the sake of my love for you You told me to bend and break I did, just to be enough for you The person I mistook you for Was far beyond my reach All I wanted to be was someone You'd be happy to keep But... Continue Reading →


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